Home, Family, and Gathering

 Why home, family, and gathering--really gatherings?  Because it combines all the things I love into one spot.    I also own Momcooksdinner, but have taken that down to combine some recipes and reviews here.   When I first started blogging, I had a toddler--a couple of years later, I had a toddler and newborn, went back to work full time, and keeping up with a blog fell by the wayside.  

Over the years, our lives have naturally changed.  I've hosted Christenings, birthday parties for little ones and adults, alike, first communion celebrations, neighborhood gatherings, supper clubs, dinner parties, potlucks, hangouts for our children their friends,  and wakes. Yes, I actually wrote that.  Wakes.  I'm tell you in a different post about that. I've become squarely part of the sandwich  generation as I cared for my Mom through eight years of lung cancer.  I've taught Sunday School and been a room parent. 

The children have grown into a teen and a tween who are seriously busy, kind, creative, funny people.  I wouldn't be entirely truthful if I didn't full admit that they can give me a run for my money, in more ways than one.  When you are pregnant, know what gives you a book about the elementary and teen years.Getting out the door is still a challenge, but in a different way.  I used to worry about whether the appropriate preschool snack was packed, and a nursing schedule.  Now, we're juggling breakfast (and sometimes dinner) on the go, sports, dance, and a host of other activities.  Not to mention middle school homework.  

I've been working from home since well before COVID began, but never expected that for quite sometime, all of us would be home, but Zoom didn't really become a thing until COVID hit.  At least not for us.  

I adore all things stationery, flowers, tablescapes (I may have a china problem),  fairy gardnes (shhh...don't tell my ten year old how they appear) and have always loved a good get-together.  As we adjust to life more out of the house again, I hope to bring back those get-togethers. 

Suffice it to say, my life, much like yours, has changed.  I have more years on me, more joys, more sorrows, more experience.  Not to mention, more figuring out what works and what doesn't (though I'm pretty sure that is always changing).  

What can you expect from me?  You can expect recipes and recipe and product reviews, tips, tricks, and hacks, --and just good finds, to make life easier.   If you're looking for perfection, you won't find it here. If you are looking for real life--welcome to my corner of the internet.  

I hope you will join the conversation! 



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